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Watch the Yale Lecture on Philip of Macedon

by Professor Donald Kagan



The lecture is part of the Yale University course Introduction to Ancient Greek History, taught on campus by Professor Donald Kagan, Sterling Professor of Classics and History at Yale University, and recorded for the Open Yale courses in Fall 2007.

If history is stripped of her truth

what is left is only an idle tale.


Polybius, Histories 1.14.6

Macedonian coin, stating in Greek: "ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ" 
(in English: "ALEXANDER'S")

‘Macedonia not a country – sorry’: Skopje furious after US Congressman suggests partitioning


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia has expressed its outrage to the US State Department after Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher suggested it was not a country, and should be partitioned by neighbors such as Kosovo and Bulgaria.

According to Rohrabacher, the creation of Macedonia itself was a failed project, and the atmosphere is ripe for a fresh redrawing of the borders.

“My inclination is Macedonia is not a country. I’m sorry – it’s not a country,” the California congressman told Albanian TV channel Vizion Plus.

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